Model FADEC Platform
CF6-80C2 FADEC 1 A300
CF6-80E FADEC 2 A330
CFM56-5A FADEC 1 A320
CFM56-5B FADEC 1 & 3 A318, A319,
A320, A321
CFM56-5C FADEC 2 A340
GP72000 FADEC 3 A380
Model FADEC Platform
CF6-80C2 FADEC 1 747, 767, MD11
CFM56-7B FADEC 2 & 3 737-700, -800, -900
GE90-94B FADEC 777-200
GE90-115B FADEC 3 777-300ER
GEnx-1B FADEC 3 787
GEnx-2B FADEC 3 747-8


FADEC International was established in 2003 with the goal of providing the best possible service and support for our customers globally.

With more than 25 years experience, FADEC International is a world leader in the design, development, and production of FADECs. We are a preferred supplier to GE and have an installed base of 28,000 engines. We offer comprehensive overhaul programs designed to extend the life of FADECs.

A Rich Heritage

  • More than 25 years experience designing and certifying FADEC for commercial and military aircraft
  • An installed base of more than 28,000 engines
  • FADEC International joint venture between BAE Systems and Safran
  • FADEC Alliance partnership between GE Aviation and FADEC International


  • Electronic management of essential power systems for optimized engine performance
  • Efficient engine status monitoring minimizes fleet disruptions
  • Multi-generation product family approach
  • Aftermarket service and support with a trusted OEM through our FADEC overhaul programs

The FADEC International venture continues to be highly successful with an engine control fleet that exceeds 28,000 controls and more than 800 million flight hours of outstanding reliability and performance.